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Building self-sufficiency and a sustainable future. 

Paddy field project

Mercy Mission rice field.  October 2018

The present economic  climate continues to provide financial challenges for the work in India.   The major financial cost for Mercy Mission is providing daily food for all the children and staff on campus (around 300 mouths to feed daily!).  The rice bill alone is presently over £1000 each month. The trustees decided some time ago that it was vitally important to make the work of the Mission more self-sufficient in order to provide a secure financial base for the future.


In 2017, after a lengthy international fundraising campaign, we were able to purchase almost 5 acres of agricultural land.  The first harvest has already been gathered and another is well underway. Additional crops of pulses have also been planted.

An opportunity has recently arisen to acquire an additional two acres of adjoining land.   We are presently fundraising to raise the money to purchase this extra plot of land as we see this as another important step towards self-sufficiency.

Many thanks to all those who contributed so generously to our "Paddy Field" campaign. Your generosity has helped provide a sustainable future for the Mission   


The first harvest
October 2018

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