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Providing education for the children living in the  village of Mendangi

Village School project

This is a relatively new project undertaken by the Mission. The village is situated in Andhra Pradesh, approximately two hours drive from the main campus. Until recently, there was no educational provision for any of the children.

However, with the help of generous gifts, land was purchased on the edge of the village and a school building is planned which will provide education for many village children.

In addition, many children from surrounding areas will also be able to come to the school and stay there on a residential basis. There are many families living in remote villages and also in the mountains. When funds permit, additional accommodation blocks will be built and the capacity increased. 


The project is far from finished. Two accommodation blocks have recently been completed. One of these will accommodate the groundsman and his wife who will look after the children. The other accommodation block is nearly completed and will house 20 or so pupils.


We still need several thousand pounds to construct the main school building and it is hoped that it will open in June 2019, ready for the new school year.

WhatsApp Image 2018-11-17 at

January 2019

We have just received this update from Charly Tom in Mendangi village regarding the building of the new school. 

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