Christian Renewal Church

Christian Renewal Church was set up to cater for the spiritual needs of the local people, many of whom live in poor tribal farming and fishing communities. We have, at the time of writing, 62 missionaries, pastors and evangelists who are evangelising and establishing churches in over 200 villages in the area. Our pastors and evangelists not only preach the Gospel, but also give some basic education to the villagers. 

PastorAll our pastors are committed to helping in this work, holding, on average, 5 meetings each day, with many of them making a round trip of more than 20 km by bicycle after their day’s work in the villages.

Since February 2006 the Mission has launched six more mission centres in three different language-speaking states of Southern India, namely Karnataka, Kerala and Orissa. 

The vision is to set up a mission centre in every state of India within 10 years, that is 28 states and 18 main languages.

Led by the Lord, we have recently started an outreach work in our local cities of Vizianagaram and Srikakulam The response has been amazing, and, to date, house groups have been established in over 48 homes in these cities.