Buy a field project

A message from the Trustees

The present economic  climate continues to provide financial challenges for the work in India.   The major financial cost for Mercy Mission is providing daily food for all the children and staff on campus. At the moment there are 126 children in Mercy Home as well as the staff who look after them. We are presently spending over £900 each month on rice alone. The cost of rice has risen sharply in recent years and will continue to do so. Inflation is currently running at around 10%   For this reason, we feel it is vitally important  to  make the work of the Mission more self sufficient and to provide a secure financial base for the future.  
We would therefore like to make the "Buy a field" project our main priority for the following year.  Land has been identified around 10-20km from the campus where the price of land is significantly cheaper.  It will cost around £60,000 to buy 10 acres of agricultural land.  This area of land will be sufficient to provide rice for the whole campus.  Indeed, several crops can be grown during the growing season. Whilst this is a huge project, we really do feel that it is vitally important for the future work of Mercy Mission.  Land prices are continuing to rise and if we do not take this opportunity, it may soon be out of reach forever.  
Would you consider contributing to this project?  Could your Church perhaps make a contribution as part of this year`s Harvest Festival offering? We are very grateful for all contributions, large or small. Please do get in touch if you would like more information.